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Food for Soul

Date of event: 18. 10. 2019  -  20. 11. 2019
Address: Rooseveltova 1, 417 05 Osek
Place: ITC Osek
GPS coordinates: 50.620704, 13.695138
Category: Culture
Regions: Osek
Suitability: General

We invite you to an exhibition of paintings by Veronika Jiránková called Food for the Soul, which you can visit from October 18th until November 20th 2019. The opening will take place on October 18th from 17:00 with the participation of advertising and graphic studio ALWAC as, who support the Foundation on the wings of the butterfly together with the author. It will include fashion show with the help of fashion designer Eva Stolařová accompanied by Jiří Jangr. Come join us too.